torsdag 22 november 2007


I really find the later part of the novel the most interesting. I really like these kinds of stories, where the ending is open for reflection and also for the reader to think about what really happened. Was it just a great misunderstanding, or did Ellie really travel in space and time? Well I guess that’s for each and every one of us to think about. My personal thought about this is that she did, and her experience was all there to tell us that we should not strive to find out every single truth about everything, since all we need to know is already inside us. We do not need to travel 11 million light years to find out the simple truth about our lives, we just need to lay down close our eyes and there it is, Right here and right now. In the end we are all humans, what is there to find out in some other galaxy? The mystery of space and time is not for us to unravel, for each answer one thousand new questions will arise. So next time you look at the sky, just open your eyes, relax, and feel the greatness of creation fill you. But trying to understand it, no that is not for us to do.

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