söndag 21 oktober 2007

Video game addiction

The issue about video game addiction has been a hot potato in media for some time now. The frightening thing about this new addiction is that the victims are often young, sometimes even kids. As with all types of addiction, we often try to find a single solution to a very complex problem. There is a complicated structure of factors and causes behind the scenes of all addicted people. No less amongst those who are addicted to playing video games. When it comes to Massive Multiplayer Online Games, the socializing factor which was missing in traditional video gaming is now also present. The spirit of togetherness offered by playing these games appeal to many of those who we call addicted.
Addiction as we see it is always premised upon the idea that one is an addict when he cannot live a normal life.
Well, what is a normal life then?
Looking at myself for instance, I work a minimum of 8 hours a day in front of a computer. No less than a person considered to be a video game addict would spend in front of his game every day, right?
Well, most of us can easily spot the difference between me being at work 8 hours a day, and a video game addict, spending hours every day in front of his computer.
Or is it more to it?
To speak the truth, aren´t we all addicted to things? I think we are.
Please comment and tell me your definition of an addict.

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Shirin sa...

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your fresh ideas about this issue. Actually it brought me some ideas about addiction. Reapeting gives a good feeling to human. Psychologists say that kids like discipline. They like to do things in the same time, everyday. This brings them the feeling of safety. Then maybe when somebody misses safety in his/her life then by addiction provides an artificial safety, then feels good by that. But don't worry your addiction to work is very constructive ;)

Henrik Dalengren sa...

Hey there, nice post. I know I'm addicted to several things (not video games though) but I guess the addiction needs to be stopped only if it does more harm than good. When you lose your job, forget to eat etc than maybe you should try not to play for a while. ;)

Best wishes

Harald Reischl sa...

Hi Robert,

Your give a very interesting few of the video game addiction in your blog. I’m agreeing you complete that we all has an addict. The interesting is always the consequence of this addiction. It makes a different if a person watches every day for half an hour a series in TV and spent a bit of his precious time for a serial or someone stays one week nonstop in front of the PC and harms oneself body.

I have a criticism on two formal points:

1) Paragraph:
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… paragraph one ends.

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2) Apostrophe:
You wrote … aren´t we … and used the symbol of the accent´ (char code 0xB4 ). The accent is used direct on top of the letter. Eg: á, é, ó.

For the short form of
are not -> aren’t
is the apostrophe to use (char code ox27). It is placed always between two letters.

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