söndag 23 september 2007

Why I chose to study at the university.

During the long drive down the highway of life, sometimes one just feels the urge of learning new things. I found myself in this situation recently, as I have been working for six years now, without any real competence development apart from the technical areas which I am working with, being java programming. I really hope that my English will improve along with my studies. I have been writing some technical documents in my profession as a system developer, all written in English of course. My intension is to continue along this path, writing more documents in the requirement and specification areas.

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elinersson sa...

Hi Robert,
Just a quick comment: what you wrote was good but there wasn't a huge amount of detail. Perhaps you could have explained a bit more of what you will study at the university.

Anna Stjernlöf sa...

Hi Robert,
java programmer... took a course in java my first year at the university in Uppsala. we wrote a program with cars driving them aroud on a road with traffic lights, it shut down every time we tried to add more cars but it was fun :-) not sure what to say about the theory tho.... think that you have to be very good at it to appriciate it.
It's always fun to begin new things, learning technical english is a good start hopefully it leads you towards more new things. Not sure what else to write as we are not suppose to write good work...(it is tho just so you know)
Talk to you soon

IrenaM sa...

Hi Robert,

You have given the topic some serious thinking. I agree on some points. If each and one of us start taking more responsibility we can make difference. Your text is fluent and easy to read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

The Teacher sa...


Despite being somewhat on the brief side and sporting a very long sentence, I really like your first entry! Looking forward to reading more from your pen.


P.S. It should be 'intention' rather than 'intension.'